Projects and Booking

This is a list of the active projects of El Pricto:

Discordian Community Ensemble: Endeavouring to provoke collaboration, cross-cultural exchange and the proliferation of new musics worldwide, is a mutable traveling ensemble based on a cooperative model that connects with local interpreters/improvisers for recitals and recordings, using scores that permit free and controlled improvisation.

Reptilian Mambo: An experimental noise-mambo-core combo

Filthy Habits Ensemble: Currently playing two different repertories, one of arrangements of instrumental music by Frank Zappa and another of arrangements of music by different composers of Exótica (Les Baxter, Martin Denny, Korla Pandit, Sun Ra, etc.). At the moment they are working on a repertory of Stravinsky, Varese and El Pricto

Sin Anestesia: A saxophone collective of around 10 to 12 players that includes some of the best performers currently living in Barcelona. Their repertory is based on music by El Pricto and free or conducted improvisation

Discordian Records: El Pricto’s Net Label, all the projects included herein are also available for booking